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Here I am, once more in front of the computer, writing about my experience here in Friedenshof. My idea was to write every month but the first time I tried to do it in german andI never found a good time for the “Übersetzung”, too much work for me. So sorry about the delay, hehe.So now I’ve decided to sum up what I wrote about October and add my experience in November. I had never been in a community longer than 3 weeks, so I never got the feeling of what truly is living in one. I found it fascinating. We call it simple life, but I find it everything but simple. It’s a quiet life but at the same time there are lots of duties to do always, it’s a non-stop work. The animals don’t have holidays, so somebody must feed them everyday, no exceptions, the house repairing won’t wait for the sun to go out, so when it’s needed, it’s needed, no matter the rain or the cold. However, we call it “simple”. Simple because we tried to be as much respectful as we can with the nature, and the love and care to our mother earth is undoubtly the simplest thing there is, because it should be the base of human life but we forgot about our roots a long time ago... Thankfully, we are awakening again.Simple because we don’t use so many machines as in the cities. Most of them are made forgetting things quicklier so we have more time for working for the system, the capitalism. I don’t like that system, so now what I do is to use the washing machine, yes, but I do it so I can cook with love, time and care, for example. That’s a great change in my opinion.The first month here was about getting to know how everything works here: which jobs there are, how to do them, where is everything in the kitchen, in the “Werkstatt”, getting used to the new timetables, the language...That made me forget about the life outside the community, “the real world”, so when some news came from outside, they were like bombs to me. The second month was completely different for me. It’s been more about the relationships,with the people in the community, with the guests that come and go, but also with the animals. With the people, I learned that every single day I find signals of things in me to work on, for my personal development. Too many mirrors around, it’s impossible to miss them. And as I am in the way of finding my true self, I found it an awesome opportunity for me and I am really thankful for it. I think that living in community is about embracing the “us” and let go the “me”, but there is a huge personal work, it’s about helping everyone around to grow and let them help you to grow too. Quite intensive, don’t you think? (If all of this is simple, I’m the queen of England) With the animals, I went more in touch with my spiritual side and it made me considered about my habits, not only eating but how I move in a garden, in a forest and what a great trace I leave in them without noticing and how to reduce that trace or reverse it in any way. So now I would like to say DANKESCHÖN VON MEINEM HERZ to the lovely lambs I met, that helped me so much in that process.



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