ESK Artikel

I have the feeling this month was slow and quiet. Almost no guests, some people of the community out some days, the end of Christmas celebrations, cold outside, rain sometimes... There was definitely another rhythm. I guess humans need to hibernate in our way too. As well as in autumn was the time to collect and prepare us for the winter, now in winter we prepare us for the spring and all that comes then. What and where we are planting this year in the garden, the plans for this year in the “Waldgarten”getting into concrete actions, preparing the nests for the birds, that are yet to come, etc.This month personally I cleaned windows, I needed the light to get through more clearly, to enlighten us in this new year; I was removing the fallen leaves from the “Schafswiese”, so the grass has light to grow again; I cleaned the chicken coop twice, because if we have a new opportunity in this new year to start from zero, they also have and they deserve to do it in a clean place.That’s a reflection of what was going on with me. I was looking for clarity, light, cleaning myselfof experiences and shields, that don’t make the light get completely through and that I don’t need in order to live my life freely and open. Cause that’s one of my this year wishes.I also worked with wood in very different ways: collecting it for our great oven, so we can be warm in the winter, then I was sawing wood that no longer is needed were it was also to collect it for the oven, recycling it, giving it a new purpose. That is a reminder that we all have many gifts and we are very useful in so many different ways and when a door closes a window opens, there’s always a new path, when we feel uncomplete, or like we are only a small part ofthe all, then it’s time to think, big pieces of wood can enter the oven, can’t warm us. Small pieces are also important, sometimes more than big ones.Then I was working in my loved “Baustelle” with new shiny beautiful wood, knowing it has a long-term work to do as a wall in the house and it needs the strength to deal with wind, rain, snow and storms. So it needs all the help possible to be in the right place when it’s needed. That makes me think about what we think is strong and can handle all. Strong people, strong trees... They are strong but they need somewhere, something or someone to lean on not to lose their power. We shouldn’t take them for granted.And finally I used the “Häcksler” to cut the branches for the trees, that are not practical in the trees anymore. That work I do it with a lot of love, cause it’s difficult for me to see that withoutthose branches the tree has more strength cause each part can have now more food. I think a tree knows how to grow, how many branches to create or not. But we keep doing it everywhere, the same in the garden, so it’s a good exercise for me before the garden time comes and I will have to do it. Anyway I send all my love to those parts of the trees and plants that are removed from its origin and thank them for the nutrients or resources they give us. These are the thoughts that only here in this great place in my first volunteering year I could have. Thank you Friedenshof.


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