ESK Artikel

People think living in community is quite easy, harmonious and fun. But reality is a bit more colorful :) In such life you must be ready to grow constantly.. Ready to accept - accept others, yourself and the differences. Also to see these differences as something from what you can learn from. Which is not so easy, since nowadays people aren't used to live within communities anymore because we are thought really well how to be individuals and see the other as competition. What we need to do to be better from others. The constant competition starting in schools and continuing in work places. And from that it is hard to take other way. I studied law, where I have experienced an horrible competition between students. Some were selling their own notes, and not willing to share at all. So it was better if you were not missing the lecture, otherwise it could cost you money :) haha.. Now I find it funny, but back then..ufff! Luckily I was surrounded by good colleagues, with which I made good friends with. We shared our notes for free, our time, and genuine laugh.

We are becoming super individualistic society, where even the core of it, family, is barely a community anymore. Children are forgetting their parent, grandparents and vice versa. There is lack of connection. Maybe because most of our time we are spending in kindergartens, schools and jobs. Then of-course our relationships can't be so strong. Since people aren't taught how to share, and live together anymore, we are facing problems when we want to live in a community. And I am no exception of that. Some days are easy as the feather, and others can be hard. This also happens not just because we aren't taught how to live together anymore, but also naturally. I think it's normal when you spend most of the time with people, that sometimes someone drives you nuts for no reason or just because you have a bad day :) With women maybe it is even more obvious with menstrual period, when some days you just want to bury head in the sand. And sometimes even that isn't helping, because  you can be annoyed also by yourself. The beautiful dynamic of life I call it.

But I love all of these. I love how intense it can be, that I can observe myself how I am reacting,  thinking, feeling and learning. In my head it makes more sense to work and live with others, in more respectful way to each other and all other beings. It is far from easy, but as Germans would say it es lohnt sich.